Best smartwatch under 3000 Rupees

Best smartwatch under 3000 rupees

There are many types of smartwatches available in the market, but finding the best smartwatch under 3000 is nothing short of a big fight as we cannot spend our 3000 rupees on any such useless watch that might go bad in a few days.

Therefore you can take any of the below watch without worrying because this watch is very good best smartwatch under 3000 which is quite popular in the market right now.

In all these watches, you will get all the features that should be in a smartwatch, you will never feel that you have wasted your money on a useless watch.

List Of Best Smartwatches Under 3000 Rupees That You should buy:-

**Note** – Please note that the availability and price details might vary sometimes. However, we will try out best to keep the list updated on the weekly basis.

1.Oraimo Tempo-S IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch

In all these watches, you will get all the features that should be in a smartwatch, you will never feel that you have wasted your money on a useless watch.

In Orimo Watch, you are given real time notifications, calories, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking as well as features like pedometer. We are trying to give you the best smartwatch under 3000, in this you are given big screen


In this watch, you are being given features like big and full touch screen, which will run perfectly with any of your fingers, you will never feel that its touch is not working.

Talking about its screen, which is the most important thing, its screen size is 1.3 inches, which is quite good according to a smartwatch. Talking about screen quality, it comes with an Ips display.


In the watch, you are given easy charging support, which is very easily charged means that the usb port is installed.

Battery life

The battery power is 200 mah and lithium power battery is used. Your watch will run non-stop for 20 days if you do the normal watch.

Advanced features

If you have a smartphone, and you do apps in it, whenever your phone did notification of the app, it will redact with your watch. The rest of you can watch heart rate monitor and watch sleep quality, , distance or even all by yourself.

  • Advanced features are available.
  • Bluetooth version this latest version.
  • Display size is very big..
  • Easy charging support
  • No cons

2.GIXON V8 Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch


This watch supports high sensitivity touch screen, its resolution ratio is 240 * 240 pixels . (Best smartwatch under 3000)

Advance features

In this watch, you are given many types of features, such as we tell you about all the features, first of all you can connect your smartphone with this watch. In this watch you can insert a 2g simcard and you can see text, calls, apps notifications directly by connecting your smartphone with watch via Bluetooth.

In this, you are also given multimedia features, such as you can click your photo through your watch, if you ever feel bored, you can entertain yourself by listening to the song and even more good features are being given such as calendar in it.

Calculator, stopwatch, pedometer. In this, you are also given many advanced features such as wechat, twitter, browser, sleep monitoring.


You are also given a charger port in it as you can charge your smartphone very easily.

  • Apps notification redirect to smartphone.
  • If your smartphone goes to you then your smartwatch will tell after 10 meters that your phone is not with you.
  • All browsing apps are support.
  • Bluetooth version are latest.
  • Screen is a bit small, everything else is good.

3.Callie DZ09 Black Bluetooth Smart Watch

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If you do not have much budget to get a smartwatch, then you can go with this watch as it is very good in terms of watch price.

In this watch, I liked that any person can wear this watch because it looks very good on everyone.


Its screen size is 1.54 inches which is quite good. Talking about the resolution, it is 240 * 240 pixels.

Advance features

In this watch you can also insert a memory card with a simcard, the capacity of the memory card is up to 16 GB, along with it you are given a 2mp front camera, you can also enjoy audio for your entertainment.

Battery backup

If you use it normal then you can use this 7 days, its talking time is 3 hr. And it may take 2 to 3 hr to charge.

  • 2 mp front camera
  • Screen size very big..
  • Memory card slot is available.
  • Full response touchscreen.
  • All multimedia features are not available.

4.Malaxmi Traders T500 Smart Watch

If you like animation things more, then you can go to this watch.

Advanced features

In this, you are being given features like stopwatch, calendra, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, message, remainder and remainder for drinking.

In this, you will also be given special features such that you can use all types of browsers and social media apps in it.

If you work in a place where there is a fear of water and dust, then this watch is waterproof and dustproof


  • All browsers and social media apps support.
  • Phone call directly from Smartwatch.
  • Advance features are available.
  • Music speaker is available.
  • If your smartphone is lost then your smartwatch will not be able to tell you.

5.Ispite Upgraded Smart Watch

In this watch you are given all kinds of features, now we will tell you the common features, in this you are given a 1.54 inch.

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Its resolution is 240 * 240

Advance Features

In this watch you are also given an alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, calculator, calendar, sleep detection, heart rate monitor, music system.

In this, you are given a special features, that means you are given a three Mp front camera, along with it you are also being given a charger and it connects with the smartphone.

  • Advance features are available.
  • Big screen.
  • 3 Mp front camera.
  • If you lose your phone then you will ring the phone in your smartwatch, then the phone will start ringing.
  • No cons


We have tried to give you the Best smartwatch under 3000 Hope you will have helped in choosing the watch from our post.

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